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Innovative engineering solutions for waste streams

Protect the environment and its water resources for the future to come

Our Speciality

We specialise in onsite decentralised biological wastewater treatment plants, monitor of systems, maintenance, service and upgrade to improve the effluent quality and with the aim to achieve green drop status

Our Location

Bio-Erevna is a green technology privately owned South African company with the mandate to create a sustainable environment by monitoring and engineering solutions for waste streams. We are based in Hartebeespoot dam, South Africa and is active throughout the African continent

Wastewater Treatment

The company is rich in expertise in the wastewater treatment and renewable energy sectors offering a robust, cost effective and environmentally compliant solutions custom to our clients needs

Looking after the environment by engineering solutions

  • Waste and wastewater craterisation and audits studies
  • Provision and maintenance of process control systems
  • Technical support through the provision of electrical and mechanical maintenance and related services
  • Development, design, construction and operation of waste treatment and renewable energy plants
  • Laboratory testing of portable water, wastewater and biomethane potential (BMP) testing of organic feedstocks for anaerobic digesters
  • Research and development in waste and wastewater-related areas
Keep in Touch

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