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Why choose us?

Bio-Erevna to provide innovative engineering solutions for waste streams to strive towards a sustainable future, to protect the environment and its water resources for the future to come.


Recognise cooperate social responsibility

Respect confidentiality and disclosure restrictions

Build honest professional relationships and partnerships


Safety first

Innovative and Adaptable

Can-do attitude and Resilient


Create long term relationships

Innovative and highly adaptable solutions

Bridge gap between academia and industry


We do not compromise on quality or on standards

We follow the SABS standard and the National water act No. 36 of 1998

• Provide onsite treatment of waste / wastewater streams solutions, services, support and maintenance.
• Continue to develop innovative ways through state-of-the-art research to reuse the waste streams in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.
• Provide excellent service driven by ethical and professional standards to meet the needs of our clients.

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